Early Childhood & School Age

The Sensational Sensory Diet

What is a Sensory Diet?
A sensory diet consists of various activities that target specific sensory systems within
your child. The goal of a sensory diet is to help regulate a child’s sensory systems so they can
attend to and focus on their daily activities. They can be implemented at home or at school to help your child function. A sensory diet is individualized to each child based on their needs and preferences.
A child’s sensory diet contains a handful of activities that your child can select in order
to regulate themselves.
  • 01 About the Presenters
  • 02 About PN
  • 03 Sensory systems
  • 04 What is a sensory diet
  • 05 Vestibular and Proprioception
  • 06 Tactile and Visual
  • 07 Auditory_ Gustatory and Olfactory
  • 08 How to Make Your Child_s Sensory Diet
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